Leads By Example

” I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.”  -Jesus-  (John 13:15)

“Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.”  -Paul-  (1 Corinthians 11:1)

Another Purpose

The main reason Jesus came to us in human flesh, was to be the Lamb of God, and die to pay for the sins of us all, but He had another purpose for being here.  Jesus came to teach us how we should live, by what He did and what He said.  He was the example for us all. Continue reading

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The Case AGAINST Big Government

I wanted to share this video teaching from Mr. Todd Friel of Wretched (@wretchedradio.com or wretched.tv, they go to the same web page), about what the roles of Government, Economy, Church, and Family, SHOULD be.  Now if only we can get our elected officials to watch this and take appropriate action.  Enjoy.


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The Next, Biggest Media Hit…Maybe?

This post was originally on my blog on GameInformer Online.  Enjoy.

“Kei’s Creature Quest”

“There is a legend that tells of a powerful creature, that appears on Earth every seven hundred years.  It is said that whoever captures the creature, may use it’s power for the good of mankind or the evil that leads to mankind’s destruction.  In order for the world to survive, one will be chosen to search for the creature and possess it before those with evil intent find it and use it to destroy the world.  That time has now come….”

So begins the story of Kei. Continue reading

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Me, A Writer?

This post was originally on my blog on GameInformer Online, and has been updated.  Enjoy.

What Do I Know?

It is said about writing, “Write what you know.”  Everything I know, I learned from T.V. and movies, so what I know is often, second hand (although not always, I do have original ideas).  For my favorite shows, I would often create myself as a seperate character in those particular universes, and come up with alternate versions of the episodes I was watching. Continue reading

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The Crucifixion Of Jesus…A Victimless Crime

Oh, That Mr. Friel

I was listening to Wretched Radio (@ wretchedradio.com) the week before Easter, and Mr. Friel (Todd Friel that is) was discussing the portrayal of Jesus, especially in the History Channel’s “The Bible”, and he pointed out that Jesus was NOT a victim, but a VOLUNTEER.  Jesus was a willing participant in his own death, as was laid out in God’s plan to save the world (Isaiah 53:10).  Continue reading

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Counter The Culture


 My philosiphy: It is my belief that today’s media (Movies, T.V., Music, Video Games, Etc) does NOT ‘reflect’ the culture as some may believe, but it ‘creates’ the culture as it is.  As Christians, it is our duty to counter that culture through faith-based media.”

My mission: I am an aspiring filmmaker who, along with the help from my church, is seeking to step out in faith and begin to start a Video Ministry, that would produce projects designed to help spread the Gospel through video media.”  Continue reading

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