Counter The Culture


 My philosiphy: It is my belief that today’s media (Movies, T.V., Music, Video Games, Etc) does NOT ‘reflect’ the culture as some may believe, but it ‘creates’ the culture as it is.  As Christians, it is our duty to counter that culture through faith-based media.”

My mission: I am an aspiring filmmaker who, along with the help from my church, is seeking to step out in faith and begin to start a Video Ministry, that would produce projects designed to help spread the Gospel through video media.” 

The world is filled with media that would seek to destroy the Christian faith.  It seems that Christians would be the only religious group that is shunned and mocked worldwide.  Abortion and sexual immorality are portrayed is such a way as to sway the viewer into thinking these kind of things are normal and should be accepted.  Where is the truth to come from?  How can we as Christians, show the absolute truth, that we know for certain?  Can we counter the current culture, and turn the tide of moral decay?  I don’t think we can sway the entire world to our worldview, but I think we can reach some.

My ambition for this blog is to highlight media entertainment that would be faith and family friendly, to speak out about what I understand of the Christian faith, bring news of any thing I would produce through my future production company, and whatever else would help people counter the culture.  I will attempt to put up a website to go along with this blog, and have more information on future activities as well.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Varlen McIlvanie

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