The Next, Biggest Media Hit…Maybe?

This post was originally on my blog on GameInformer Online.  Enjoy.

“Kei’s Creature Quest”

“There is a legend that tells of a powerful creature, that appears on Earth every seven hundred years.  It is said that whoever captures the creature, may use it’s power for the good of mankind or the evil that leads to mankind’s destruction.  In order for the world to survive, one will be chosen to search for the creature and possess it before those with evil intent find it and use it to destroy the world.  That time has now come….”

So begins the story of Kei.

I wrote the story and my niece designed the characters.  I originally had the idea to do this as an RPG video game, I even typed out my notes on the game, but I have no skills in programming, so I wrote the story in screenplay form, formatted to read like a video game, for a possible animated version.  I also thought that my niece could use the characters in some of her “flipnotes”, so I pitched her the idea, then wrote the script, and sent it to her while she worked on drawing the characters.  She did a preview flipnote, and will, hopefully, do more “flips” in the future.  She also started drawing the Manga version of the story, which I got to read the first part of (and it is awesome!).

Here is a scene from the script:



 The smoke clears and KEI finds she is inside OJISAN’S dojo. OJISAN points KEI to a pedastal, which holds an open scroll. She approaches the scroll and looks on it. The scroll depicts the story from the opening. The first depicts the creature darkened.

Every seven hundred years, the creature known as
“Natogome”, appears on Earth. Natogome has great
power that can be used for good or evil.

Why is the picture of that thing darkened?

Natogome changes it’s form with every appearence. No
one knows what Natogome will look like when he

 The next depicts two warriors, one evil, draped in darkness, the other warrior looks like KEI’S father. Both warriors are dueling for the creature, each holding different kinds of stones (Moonstone and Sunstone, respectively).

Hey! That one looks like my dad!

Yes. That is Reisan, one of your oldest ancestors.
He was the first to find and capture Natogome. Ever
since, your ancestors have been the ones chosen to
keep Natogome from being used by evil.

 The next depicts the evil warrior, sitting on a throne with the creature by his side.

Only once has an ancestor failed. It was a dark time,
as the demon lord, Abdon, used the Natogome’s power to
conquer most of Japan, as Natogome must ally itself
with the one who captures it.

 The next depicts the ancestor slaying the creature.

Fortunately, your ancestor was able to kill the
creature before Abdon could completely take over the
known world. The creature can only be in possession of the
one who captures it, for as long as it or the owner is alive.
Abdon continues to seek the Natogome, and, again, use it’s
power for evil. You have been chosen to reach the creature
before he does.

So that thing that attacked me…?

Was a demon. A minion of the demon lord, Abdon. He
has legions of demons at his command, and power given
him by the great Serpent Lord.

 KEI ponders what she has just heard, not really believing any of it, until she looks back at the scroll and sees the next depiction of a girl that looks like her, holding up a katana sword, and the darkened form of the creature by her side. A pause for a moment, then…

So what do I need to do? 


VV Kei Discovers Her Special Weapon VV

Most of the characters are based off of family members and tells the story of “Kei”, a young girl, who is miraculously transported to a small Japanese village, where she meets “Ojisan” the Ninja (my avatar pic), who tells her that SHE is the chosen one to find and capture the creature known as “Natogome”.  Her only opposition is the demon lord, “Abdon”, who also seeks the creature to enslave it and make it do his bidding in destroying the world.  Along the way she meets 3 others with special abilities, who help her on her quest.

VV Kei And Abdon Locked In Battle VV

So this is just a taste of what KCQ is about, so tell me what you think.  Could it be a media hit?

Written By: Varlen McIlvanie

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